Junkyard Dog
NuMark Credit
Detective Joe
Pizza Doctor
Helium Factory
Copyright 2019
Creative Radio Commercials
Uncle Louie
All voices heard
are mine
Uncle Louie comes down from Heaven to the car lot to kick a few tires. This spot features my 'old man'
voice as well as  my regular announce voice.
12-years-old answering
the request line at WYNR
in Chicago 1963
The DJ's in front of the transmitter/studio.
I go to the psychatrist because the great taste of the pizza makes me cry.
I steal a radio listeners portable radio and tape it to the belly of a mean-ass junkyard dog. I make the listener jump the fence to
retrieve it.
Running the board at
WCFL radio Chicago.
People always lie. Witness tells cops he saw a guy get hit by a car at 200 mph and then throw up in the air hitting the rotors on a helicopter.
I visit a helium factory to find out how the workers enjoy listening to the radio station.
Cops get called to a lingerie
shop because customers are causing a riot. Cops leave after stealing new panties.
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